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Oysters for a healthier,

sustainable future

Our Products

New England Superior Oyster works hard to provide our local community as well as national and global aficionados with a fresh, local brand of oysters that offer a consistent size, shape and taste every time. We aim to provide our customers with oysters of a quality and distinction that sets them apart from all others.

Superior Oyster  - Made in New England

Our Story

Oysters for Sale

New England Superior Oyster strives to be a leader in the efforts to restore the oyster population in our area, as well as to provide educational information about the benefits of this vital movement. We are hard-working, knowledgeable and passionate about oyster farming, and aim to be the superior oyster producer in all of New Hampshire, while at the same time giving back to the state through the results of our efforts.  

Facts, News and More!

NH Great Bay Oyster Farm at love shack.

Oyster Farm Tour and Private Raw Bar Experience


Unveiling the Essence of the Sea


Discover our oyster farm's secrets on a captivating tour. Enjoy a private raw bar in the 'Love Shack' by tranquil waters, surrounded by nature's beauty. An unforgettable blend of education and indulgence awaits.


Did you know?

Oysters are naturally low in calories and fat, packed with essential vitamins and minerals - especially zinc. Just six oysters will give you 220% of your daily zinc value. Just another great benefit of these mysterious creatures of the sea.

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